With 21 years’ experience in time control systems field perkotek personnel attendance control systems has reached its own standards with reliable, stable and professional image by all companies which have been related during the past years. Perkotek Personnel Attendance Control Technology today made a name in domestic and foreign market with experienced and expert staff by signing many products in areas such as the face recognition, fingerprint passage, card passage, personnel attendance control systems, store product protection systems, card printers, UHF antenna systems, dining hall control systems, member tracking systems, restroom tracking systems, cleaning staff tracking systems mini-bus tracking systems, guard tour control systems, walk through metal and handheld detectors, fingerprint door opening systems, CCTV camera systems, parking barrier systems, turnstile automations and card access systems.

  Our goal as Perkotek Personnel Attendance Control Technology; our company is recognized by its customers as “stable, reliable, honest, and corporate company that can provide high quality service”. We believe that we carried out this goal. From our establishment to today; we had various works with companies which aims the quality. Being the first wanted company by companies that think about control systems shows  our labor is replaced. However, we are aware that it is difficult to maintain standards and reach them. We aim to be a permanent presence in this industry. In a business environment where production is continuous, with better working conditions and a better wage system; We aim to upgrade our quality, which is high according to the norms of “World Labor Organization”, by keeping our experienced permanent engineers, adapting to new technologies, and most importantly by educating our employees regularly to supervise and directing the senior managers in every stage of production.

As Perkotek Personnel Attendance Control Technology our basic principle; providing customer satisfying and continuity, catching the high quality with present technology and no seeing our trading goals in front of the social responsibilities. In the direction of our quality principles, which our company regards as indispensable, we are in a position to strengthen our market leader position by continuously growing about control systems.

  Our company, which has succeeded to synchronize the produced hardware with the software it has developed, has answered many needs. The intense competition in the sector has surpassed the money it received from its customers by returning it to its customers through after-sales services, earning the trust and reference of its customers.

  Perkotek has continuously trained and developed dealers and solution partners as well as specialist sales and marketing managers and sales representatives, and has reached approximately 3,210 dealers and over 100,000 satisfied customers in Turkey, exceeding Istanbul’s borders, and achieving sales and after-sales services in 14 countries