Perkotek Teknoloji A.S was at ISAF Fair!

There was a great interest to PERKOTEK stand at the ISAF Fair held in between 11-14 October 2018, at the Istanbul Expo Center. Newly imported face recognition devices, fingerprint reading devices, turnstiles, xray devices, barriers and card readers were the most impressive products. We would like to thank all our dealers and visitors who visited our stand.


Perkotek is at the 2017 ISAF Exhibition

There was a great interest to PERKOTEK stand at the ISAF exhibition which has been held in between 14th and 17th of September 2017 . Newly imported face recognition, fingerprint reading and card reader devices were the most eye catching products. Besides, our x-ray devices were also very popular. We would like to thank to all of our dealers and guests who have visited our stand!



We took our place with two different stands at the SECURITEX exhibition held in Ankara Congresium  in between April 6 – 9. During the fair which has been passed with deep interest , we had plenty of opportunities to meet with Ankara, the nearby cities and the nation wide dealers. We would like to thank our dealers and dealer candidates who visited our stand.


Touch Standalone Mifare and Proximity card readers were imported

The new generation of card readers which has touch sensitivity of the iphone display were imported. With Proximity card reader, proximity card and password reader, mifare card reader, mifare card and password reader models ,products are attracting intensive attention. The card and password readers, which have outdoor waterproof feature, have raised the level of the indicator system used in apartment entrance and exit one more time.

Card reading devices capable of reading proximity and mifare cards are to be already among the best-selling models with its elegance and durable case, fast reading and serial door opening features. Click for a closer look at the technical specifications of the new generation card and password readers imported by PERKOTEK …


New Face Recognition systems with SAMSUNG processor

Face recognition success is much higher with new face recognition system

The import of MAGIC PASS 840 and 850 models was completed and taken to stock. The new generation face recognition systems with long distance and high success rates can also give dry contact to open doors and open barriers.

Models that can recognize the faces of 700 people without fault, have a casing to be affected by the sunlight at minimal level. The 840 and 850 models that can read and compare faces with the SAMSUNG processor at high speed also have Special stereo dual image sensors.



PERKOTEK is growing!

PERKOTEK Teknoloji , moves her 5  offices from PERPA  to her own Plaza which is consist of 3 basement floors +10 floors + 1 loft ,totally 14 floors which is placing on 2 acres of land at Mahmutbey Basın Expres road parallel.

PERKOTEK Plaza, which has 10.000 sqm closed area,has been build by the group company PERKOTEK INSAAT . In the project, which has 100 closed parking spaces, ultimate intelligent building technology is used.

It has been planning that PERKOTEK Plaza, in which can be served by 120 personnel, will be completed in the first quarter of 2016.



Perkotek, Turkey distributor of the products sold by her, has chosen GUSTAVO brand for the hotel door lock system.

GUSTAVO card hotel locks, which are programmable to allow hotel guests to use their rooms at certain time intervals, have received high demand with its durable steel body, magnetic cylinder chamber, card reading speed and low battery consumption.

GUSTAVO hotel room door locks which can read  Temic and Mifare cards are attractive with their prices due to being mass quantity imported . The energy saver, card encoder and room control units sold with a 10-year spare parts guarantee which are compatible with the hotel lock system , increase the business management performance of hotels.


Xray Baggage Searching and Scanning Detectors

Xray luggage searching and scanning detectors;are the devices which allows you easily and quickly detecting the metal items placed in properties such as luggage, suitcases, bags . Those who will use these detectors have the title of xray operator and need to be trained. The usage of these detectors are also very simple.

Although Xray devices were used only in areas where high-level security was required, nowadays, with the increase of ethnic and global terrorism, they have started to be used in many areas such as hotels, shopping centers, military areas, airports, public institutions and organizations, municipalities. With these devices, you will be able to detect metal objects very easily by scanning  inside of the luggages such as bags, suitcases.

As Perkotek ,from the present day , as well as being the distributor in Turkey for Secuda 5030-A, Secuda 5030-A Plus, Secuda 5030-C, Secuda 5030-C Plus, Secuda 6040 Plus, Secuda 6040-B, Secuda 6550 Plus, Secuda 6550, Secuda 8065 Plus, Secuda 8065, Secuda 10080, Secuda 10080 Plus, Secuda 100100, Secuda  AT 3300, the Secular Under Vehicle Scanning device and Secuda portable X-ray, we have also started importing  these X-ray devices. For this reason, we are at your service with very reasonable prices compared to our competitors.

Secuda xray luggage searching and scanning devices  which you can purchase with great confidence  are guaranteed for 2 years. Besides, it also has spare parts guarantee for 10 years. Xray luggage search devices have models that make the determination of metal ware with or without separating organic and inorganic substances. For example; Secuda 5030-C Plus luggage search detector can discriminate between organic and inorganic substances. During this discrimination, metal objects are reflected to the screen of xray devices  in different colors according to the atomic numbers . The Elements with atomic number  less than 10 , are shown in orange on the screen and these elements are called organic. The elements with an atomic number between 10 and 18 are shown as green colored on the xray devices screens and are named as the mixed group element. The elements with an atom number greater than 18 are shown in blue on the xray device screens and the atomic numbers of these elements are greater than 18.

For more detailed information about Secuda xray luggage searching and scanning detectors, please contact our experienced and specialized sales consultants. If you wish, you can contact us via our e-mail address or you can also dial our phone number.


SENSITIVE Shop Unti Theft Systems have been imported

SENSITIVE Shop Unti Theft Systems, which are manufactured to prevent product theft in stores, have been imported. The shop unti theft system which has been introduced to many companies in the textile and retail industry has got full marks.

RF Shop Unti theft antenna, AM Product security antenna, 4×4 product security paper tag, 5×5 product security paper tag, R50 hard tag, round sticker, sun tag, drop tag, square tag, golf tag, lanyard wired nail, magnetic hard tag killer and the deactivator paper tag killer are among the main product range .